10th ISAES Committees

U.S. Organizing Committee

Robin Bell; chair of 10th ISAES
Alan Cooper; Publications manager
Ian Dalziel; International coordination; US VIPs
James Kennett; Co- Symposium Manager
Bruce Luyendyk, Symposium Manager
Samuel Mukasa; Development
Ross Powell; Workshops
Carol Raymond; Publications, co-manager
Christine Siddoway; Field excursions
Terry Wilson; Program Committee chair
Chuck Kennicutt, SCAR ex-officio

Program Committee

Ian Dalziel
Carol Finn
Paul Fitzgerald
Samuel Mukasa
Ross Powell
Terry Wilson, chair

International Steering Committee

Peter Barrett; New Zealand
Alessando Capra; Italy
Gino Casassa; Chile
Fred Davey; New Zealand
Ian Fitzsimons; Australia
Jane Francis; United Kingdom
Marta Ghidella; Argentina
Joachim Jacobs: Germany
Hubert Miller, Germany
Carlo Alberto Ricci; Italy

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