August 5, 2010

The ISAES X ended September 1, 2007. Some details of the event including resulting Publications are on this web site.

Publications of the 10th ISAES include 108 peer-reviewed short research papers (SRP), 217 extended abstracts (EA) and 11 keynote summary papers contributed by ~ 975 coauthors from 34 countries. SRPs and EAs are 3-6 page manuscripts about symposium talks and posters. The keynote and summary papers are full-length, and based on keynote and summary presentations. All manuscripts except the keynote and summary papers were published and online before the end of the symposium – a first for any symposium, including ISAES. All manuscripts were submitted to the National Academies Press by two months after the symposium. To see the 10th ISAES Online Proceedings go to:

Publications are included in the book:  "Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World --  Proceedings of the 10th ISAES.  The book has eleven printed papers with a symposium summary paper and ten keynote papers. A DVD is also included and contains PDF files for all 340+ publications.  The DVD replicates the Online Proceedings of the 10th ISAES.

The book is published by The National Academies Press (NAP), and copies can be purchased from their website ( or by phone (1-800-624-6242).  Purchases made online will receive a 10% discount from the $38.00 list price of the book.  The DVD is available only with the book.

The 11th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland 10-16th July 2011. The contact person for this symposium is the Symposium Organizer Dr. Tom Bradwell of the British Geological Survey.

To track the progress of ISAES XI go to the ISAES XI web site.


General questions and inquiries concerning the Tenth ISAES should be sent to:

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