Keynote Presentations

We are pleased to present this Keynote lecture program:
  • Robin Bell
    Antarctic Earth System Science in the International Polar Year 2007-2008

    Dorte Dahl-Jensen
    Antarctic Insights into the Global Climate from Deep Ice Cores

    Jane Francis
    100 million years of Antarctic climate evolution: evidence from fossil plants

    Karsten Gohl
    Antarctica's continent-ocean boundaries - consequences for tectonic reconstructions

    Joe Kirschvink
    Four Billion Years of Change: Earth's Precambrian Glacial Record; Kirschvink & Raub

    Rupert Sutherland
    The significance of Antarctica for studies of global geodynamics

    Ken Miller
    A view of Cenozoic Antarctic glaciation from sea-level and deep-sea isotope changes; Miller, Browning, Wright, Sugarman

    Christine Siddoway
    Tectonic development of the West Antarctic rift system: Perspectives from the Pacific margin and eastern Ross Sea

    David Sugden
    Landscape evolution of Antarctica

    Trond Torsvik
    Antarctica and Global Paleogeography: From Rodinia, through Gondwanaland and Pangea, to the opening of gateways and the birth of the Southern Ocean; T.H. Torsvik, C. Gaina & T.F. Redfield

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