Program Overview

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Antarctica: keystone in a changing world

  • Antarctic Climate Evolution: Global Linkages from Records in Ice cores, Geological cores, Outcrops, and Models
  • GeoCryoDynamics: Feedbacks and Coupling between the Geosphere, Cryosphere and Climate
  • Antarctica in the Global Geodynamic System
  • Antarctic Earth Science in the International Polar Year
  • Antarctica's Impact on Global Biosphere Evolution
  • New Frontiers in Technologies and Polar Databases
  • General Antarctic Earth Science

Keynote Presentations:

  • Antarctic Earth System Science in the International Polar Year 2007-2008
  • Antarctic Insights into the Global Climate from Deep Ice Cores
  • 100 million years of Antarctic climate evolution: evidence from fossil plants
  • Antarctica's continent-ocean boundaries - consequences for tectonic reconstructions
  • Four Billion Years of Change: Earth's Precambrian Glacial Record
  • The significance of Antarctica for studies of global geodynamics
  • A view of Cenozoic Antarctic glaciation from sea-level and deep-sea isotope changes
  • Tectonic development of the West Antarctic rift system: Perspectives from the Pacific margin and eastern Ross Sea
  • Landscape evolution of Antarctica
  • Antarctica and Global Paleogeography: From Rodinia, through Gondwanaland and Pangea, to the opening of gateways and the birth of the Southern Ocean

Field Excursions

  • Colorado Plateau
  • Rio Grande Rift
  • Tierra del Fuego

Short Courses:

  • Geoscience Modeling for Novices (Leader: Robert DeConto; University of Massachusetts)


  • Antarctic Seismic Data Library System (SDLS)-SCAR: 8/26 0845-1245; Alan Cooper
  • ANTPAS; Status of Antarctic Permafrost & Soils Database Compilation & Mapping: 8/26 all day; James Bockheim
  • Geodetic & Geophysical Observatories: Problems & Progress: 8/26 1300-1700; Larry Hothem
  • Marine Proxies for Antarctic Ice Volume: Continental Shelf Sequence Stratigraphy and ?18O Records from High and Low Latitudes: 8/26 1300-1700; Stephen Pekar
  • Towards ADMAP 2: 8/27 1930-2230; 8/30 1215-1415; Marta Ghidella
  • Antarctic Scientific Drilling: 9/1 all day; Frank Rack
  • Circum-Antarctic Paleobathymetry and Stratigraphy (CAPS): 9/1 all day; Fred Davey
  • IBCSO; International Bathymetric Chart of the southern Ocean: 9/1 0800-1200; Norbert Ott
  • Geoscience Research on Antarctic Subglacial Environments; all day 9/1; Leader: Slawek Tulaczyk

Business meetings & other events

  • APECS; Association of Polar Early Career Scientists Roundtable Discussion: 8/27 1930-2100; Jenny Baeseman
  • ANDRILL Science Committee: 8/27 1930-2230; Frank Rack
  • ANDRILL McMurdo Sound Science (M-ASIC): 8/28 1930-2230; Frank Rack
  • AGAP (Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province (IPY Project #67)) business meeting; 8/28 1930-2130; Detlef Damaske
  • IPY Plates & Gates business meeting: 8/28 1930-2130; Karsten Gohl
  • Women in Antarctica social: 8/28 1930-2130; Jane Francis
  • ACE Committee business meeting: 1930-2100 PM TBA


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