Short Courses

If you have questions about a workshop either pre or post meeting, contact the organizers or Ross Powell;

Geoscience Modeling for Novices (morning of 8/26; Leader: Robert DeConto; University of Massachusetts; email)

This is a short course on climate and ice sheet modeling for Antarctic geoscientists. Experts in paleoclimate (GCMs) and glaciological modeling will present synthesis of various types of models and how they are integrated. They will demonstrate the models, discuss their limitations and the simplifications and assumptions commonly used; importantly also, they will discuss what proxies need to be studied by geoscientists, what data geoscientists need to provide modelers, and how geoscientists can use model outcomes.

Workshops and Business meetings of the 10th ISAES

  • Antarctic Seismic Data Library System (SDLS)-SCAR: 8/26 0845-1245; Alan Cooper
  • ANTPAS; Status of Antarctic Permafrost & Soils Database Compilation & Mapping: 8/26 all day; James Bockheim
  • Geodetic & Geophysical Observatories: Problems & Progress: 8/26 1300-1700; Larry Hothem
  • Marine Proxies for Antarctic Ice Volume: Continental Shelf Sequence Stratigraphy and delta18O Records from High and Low Latitudes: 8/26 1300-1700; Stephen Pekar
  • APECS; Association of Polar Early Career Scientists Roundtable Discussion: 8/27 1930-2100; Jenny Baeseman
  • Towards ADMAP 2: 8/27 1930-2230; 8/30 1215-1415; Marta Ghidella
  • ANDRILL Science Committee: 8/27 1930-2230; Frank Rack
  • ANDRILL McMurdo Sound Science (M-ASIC): 8/28 1930-2230; Frank Rack
  • IPY Plates & Gates business meeting: 8/28 1930-2130; Karsten Gohl
  • Women in Antarctica social: 8/28 1930-2130; Jane Francis
  • AGAP (Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province (IPY Project #67)) business meeting; 8/28 1930-2130; Detlef Damaske
  • Antarctic Scientific Drilling: 9/1 all day; Frank Rack
  • Circum-Antarctic Paleobathymetry and Stratigraphy (CAPS): 9/1 all day; Fred Davey
  • IBCSO; International Bathymetric Chart of the southern Ocean: 9/1 0800-1200; Norbert Ott
  • Geoscience Research on Antarctic Subglacial Environments; all day 9/1; Leader: Slawek Tulaczyk; CLICK FOR AGENDA
  • ACE Committee business meeting: 1930-2100 TBA

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