April 22, 2008

ISAES 2007 -  Publications

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Publications of the 10th ISAES include 108 peer-reviewed short research papers (SRP), 217 extended abstracts (EA) and 11 keynote summary papers contributed by ~ 975 coauthors from 34 countries.  SRPs and EAs are 3-6 page manuscripts about symposium talks and posters. The keynote and  summary papers are full-length, and based on keynote and summary presentations. All manuscripts except the  keynote and summary papers were published and online before the end of the symposium – a first for any symposium, including ISAES. All manuscripts were submitted to the National Academies Press by two months after the symposium.  The following describes the venues and content of the 10th ISAES Online Proceedings and 10th ISAES Proceedings Volume.

10th ISAES Online Proceedings:

This online publication is at  The online proceedings contains the following parts:

  • Symposium Program book
    ISAES_X_Program_Book This PDF contains the same book as distributed at the symposium, with listing of all meeting sessions, the 100-word summaries submitted for each presentation, and the author index.  The Program book will soon be augmented with a list that correlates the meeting paper numbers (i.e., for summaries in the program book) to the published SRP and EA numbers (i.e., in the 10th ISAES Online Proceedings).
  • Short research papers
    Each SRP at is a PDF file that holds a 3-6 page peer-reviewed paper with separate Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number and separate web page link.
  • Workshop reports – to be included at a later date
    Reports from some workshops held at the symposium will be included.  These reports will be expanded EAs, and will be edited but not peer reviewed.  They will report the presentations at the workshops and discussions of the business meetings.
  • Table of cover images and references to prior ISAES Proceedings Volumes – to be added shortly
    The ISAES symposia are the principal Antarctic geoscience symposia, and are held every four years in a different country dating back to the first ISAES held in Cape Town, South Africa in 1963.  This table gives a complete list of the Proceedings volumes for ISAES I to IX, with scanned images of the book covers.
  • Group photograph of 10th ISAES participants
    The group photograph was taken by Tony Mastres at the ISAES X meeting.

10th ISAES Proceedings Volume:

The 10th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences generated over 340 papers, extended abstracts, meeting and workshop reports and more.  These publications are included in the book:  "Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World --  Proceedings of the 10th ISAES.  The book has eleven printed papers with a symposium summary paper and ten keynote papers. A DVD is also included and contains PDF files for all 340+ publications.  The DVD replicates the Online Proceedings of the 10th ISAES at

There are two categories of people who will receive a copy of the book at no additional cost:

  • Researchers  who registered for the ISAES.
  • Authors who paid the $125 publication fee either as a non-attending participant or as a lead author submitting multiple manuscripts; these people will receive one book for each $125 publication fee paid.

The book is published by The National Academies Press (NAP), and copies can be purchased from their website ( or by phone (1-800-624-6242).  Purchases made online will receive a 10% discount from the $38.00 list price of the book.  The DVD is available only with the Proceedings volume.

For further information and questions contact Publications manager Alan Cooper or Publications co-manager Carol Raymond.

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